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Abstract PhD Thesis Dr Bonnie McGill

‘Reading a formula(ting) of space(,)time and Quantum Mechanics’.

Reading a formula(ting) of space(,)time and Quantum Mechanics

By Dr Bonnie McGill

Abstract PhD Thesis Bonnie McGill

Congratulations to CIRCL PhD student Bonnie McGill for passing her viva on 28-01-2019 with her thesis on ‘Reading a formula(ting) of space(,)time and Quantum Mechanics’. External Examiner: Dr Claudia Castañeda (Emerson College, USA) and Internal Examiner Dr Neil Cocks, supervisor Professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein.

Abstract of thesis

If I could to do this properly, and know this as what is proper (to, of, the thesis), I could say that this is to have balanced the (energy) books – in sum. That a framework of being (multiple) books, I could say text, I could say space, is already in place to have then the balance. Overall – in sum, average, to conserve.  I could say, what is already in place?

I could say, the atom, rather than the (text)book, if I did not know better, that is, that I can add to the atom in its division: it could (also) be a particle or a wave. So it might be that I adumbrate how it is that de Broglie first thought matter waves, and by so doing, I might observe that the velocity of the phase wave associated to a particle is excessive to the system which produces it. Or rather that to carry energy requires a modification of this phase wave; no specifics, but rather a group (velocity). And in observing this, think through what is at stake in the claims to observers observing that which can(not) be seen.

I could say, that this is key (words); how to (re)order the infinite to (re)produce itself? And this in relation to energy. I might (probably) be questioning frames, the mathematics, mechanics; how and why this is invested in as supplement and proof of what is. What would be unity? What is proper (for there to (probably) be unity)? This in relation to eigenvalues, and Schrödinger’s Wave Equation – what is properly characteristic of the being particle, wave?

I can only gesture towards this, the field –

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